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Ring Toss game

Love in Action ~ 2019

LFBC sponsored its 2nd. Annual Beaconridge Community Day on July 13th & LFBC Community Picnic & Yardsale on July 20th.   These events were apart of LFBC Outreach Ministry to connect our church to families in the surrounding communities.  Our mission is to share the message of Christ locally and globally.  Both events were fun-filled days of games and food. Additionally, several tents were set-up where attendees were provided information on health and financial services. Also, volunteers from White Oak Library set up a table and LFBC gave out pamphlets about the food pantry and our church services.  We are very thankful to Bolingbrook Mayor Roger Clarr and Trustees Maria Zarate and Sheldon Watts for attending this event.   Finally, the attendance for these two events was 270 people and 175 bookbags were happily distributed to smiling faces:).           

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