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Everyone is encouraged to GROW at LFBC

Young Adult Growth Group

7:00pm | Mondays

Our young adult growth group is for adults ages 18-30. Studies reveal this is the age group that is most likely to slip away from church. Therefore, LFBC is intentional about targeting this group with the hope of keeping them engaged in the life of the church. The class is casual, often times a meal is served, but the highlight is spirited discussion centered on biblical truth. Today's young adult lead busy and complex lives, as many are  finishing their education, embarking on new career opportunities, and starting serious relationships. It is imperative that they maintain a solid foundation in God's word to keep them focused amid the various challenges that may arise. Having had the opportunity to walk with Jesus for a number of years, we are confident that our young adult growth group leaders have the spiritual experience needed to help guide those who are newer to the faith journey. All are welcome and do not hesitate to invite a friend!

Sunday Growth Groups

10:00am | Sundays

Sunday Growth Groups are a great way to GROW at LFBC. There are classes for all ages designed to help people grow in their faith through exploration and practical application of the Bible in a casual question friendly environment. Our teachers are trained to facilitate discussion and give clarity to the Scripture so that participants come away with a greater understanding of who God is and His will for their lives. On top of that, you have the opportunity to get to know members of your church family, building relationships that extend beyond the classroom setting. Everyone is welcome so come join us and bring a friend!

Midweek Gathering

7:00pm | Wednesdays

Bible Study on Wednesday evenings is usually led by Pastor Price. The forum is casual, and group participation is encouraged. Pastor Price is intentional about teaching the Bible in a way that will equip believer to engage in a culture that is becoming increasingly apprehensive toward the Christian faith. Since believers are called to reach people for Jesus, it is imperative that we be equipped to speak truth in love to those who do not yet know the Lord in hopes that we would be able to answer their concerns and lead them toward God. Each week we spend amble time raising questions about the Bible so that we can speak intelligently to those we meet each day who may have serious questions, but no church home of their own where they can find answers. We also spend time praying for one another, for family and friends, and for people in our community and across the world. All are welcome!

One-on-One Discipleship

Meeting Dates Vary

One-on-One Discipleship is based primarily on the Paul/Timothy relationship depicted in the Bible where Paul, a more mature, experienced believer takes Timothy who is young in the faith and helps him to grow in his faith and in his relationship with Jesus. Our more experienced believer is called a "growth partner" and the person being trained is simply referred to a new disciple. The two are paired by our One-on-One Discipleship Coordinator to begin a 8 to 16 week journey together, usually meeting weekly for study, prayer, and casual outings. It is about doing life together. If you are interested in being paired up with a more experienced Christian who can help you grow in your faith, please contact the church office or inquire at any one of our gatherings.

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