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It is our sincere desire that you become part of the Love Fellowship family, knowing that to become a part of our family means that you will also become part of God's family. Trusting Jesus and the work He completed on the cross is the entry point. If you have a desire to know more please do not hesitate to contact us or visit any one of our gatherings. We have someone waiting to explain to you God's rescue plan outlined in the Bible. We will guide you into God's kingdom through a thorough explanation of God's word and through prayer, so do not hesitate to call or stop by. Our hope is that you will come to know the same Jesus who has changed our lives and has made us one people for His glory.

How can I have a relationship with God?

Membership process at LFBC...

  1. Respond to the invitation. Immediately following the sermon, the pastor extends an invitation to follow Jesus.
  2. Speak with one of our trained encouragers. They will share God's plan of salvation with you from the Bible.
  3. Attend our five-week Equipped for the Journey new member orientation.
  4. After Equipped for the Journey meet the pastor. Allow him to introduce himself and answer any questions you may have.
  5. Join a Growth Group. After meeting the pastor you will be introduced to our Growth Group coordinator.
  6. Schedule a date for baptism. Don't forget to invite friends and family to this joyful and memorable occasion.
  7. On the Sunday you are baptized you will receive communion and be presented with a certificate of membership.
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